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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Professional Web Site Mapping + Off-line CD-ROM Search Tool

Xtreeme SiteXpert v6.0
= must have
Software Tool (Win)
Shareware $65 (Standard)/ $165 (Professional)
FREE Trial

SiteXpert is a uniquely effective tool in creating the core navigation components of any Web site:

a) a site map

b) a search engine

c) navigation systems including menus

SiteXpert truly automates the process of creating customized and professionally-looking navigation systems for any Web site that will be fully compatible with all available browsers.

SiteXpert provides three valuable capabilities rolled into one effective desktop tool: site mapping, search engine generation, and effective DHTML menu generation.

SiteXpert achieves its magic by either directly crawling the structure of your Web site, by reading a directory structure or by reading an XML data source.

Site Maps are considered an essential part of usable Web sites. They provide users with an overview of a site and allow for easy and fast navigation. SiteXpert can create a complete, professional Web Site Map for you in one minute.

The information needed for Site Map construction is automatically derived from the structure of your Web site or your local directory. You can specify the Look and Feel of your Site Map by choosing one of several fully customizable styles (e.g. DHTML pull-down menus, static and dynamic trees, multiple column lists). Additionally you can apply different schemes of colors and fonts, which also allow for easy and quick design changes later on.

SiteXpert is especially helpful if you have little time available to create your Site Map. Besides, it is ideal for creating your FIRST Site Map since it offers a comprehensive wizard that guides you step-by-step through the process.

SiteXpert also supports the automated creation of index pages and customizable search engines (with multi-language support!).

All mentioned features are available in the standard edition.
To see a complete list of site mapping features available in SiteXpert go to: sitemapcreator/

Sample site maps created with with SiteXpert are accessible at:

a) Site map of - This page contains a menu and DHTML site map tree on the same page.

b) de/sitexpert/mytree/sitemap.html Synchronized tree with frame-based navigation - This dynamic tree is automatically synchronized with the currently visited URL (German-language version)

c) sample7/ Dynamically loaded tree - This DHTML site map tree uses the 'huge tree optimization' option and it contains about 20,000 items. Nonetheless execution speed in SiteXtreme is very fast.

SiteXpert works exceptionally well also as an alternative and very cost-effective search engine. This tool can be actually utilized to provide an off-line search capability to any CD-ROM. The technology used is ActiveX.

A demo search facility and feature details about this set of search capabilities can be found at: searchenginegenerator/

A full set of basic text tutorials, explaining the basic procedure to utilize each of the key SiteXpert functions is available online at: support/tutorial/sx_tutorial-01.doc

Please note that the code created by SiteXpert is compatible with all browsers (Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, Netscape 4.x, 6.x, Opera 6.x, 7.x, Mozilla 1.x), and that it has been tested on all computer platforms including Unix, Mac OS, and Windows.

With SiteXpert it is possible you can automatically insert a DHTML menu or site map into one or more existing Web pages whether you want to use includes or templates (e.g. ASP / PHP / ColdFusion / FrontPage) or if you want to embed the code directly into your final HTML pages.



A large set of examples is accessible at:

Screenshots of the application are accessible at: de/sitexpert/mytree/sitemap.html

You can download a free trial version of SiteXpert at: SiteXpertInstall.exe (4.11 MB)

Standard Edition SiteXpertInstallStd.exe SiteXpertInstallStd.exe

Professional Edition SiteXpertInstall.exe SiteXpertInstall.exe

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