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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Online Communication Resource For Trainers

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As Robin Good claims to share "digital weapons", ItrainOnline "shares Internet knowledge" with organizations working in development and social change areas.

ItrainOnline is a rich and well organized source of Computer and Internet training resources available in English, Spanish, French and partly, also in other languages.

Though officially targeted at people working for peace, human rights and development, ItrainOnline materials can be useful for anyone who wants to teach or learn about the effective use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

ItrainOnline is a joint initiative of six organizations with exceptional expertise in computer and Internet training in the South. These include:
Association for Progressive Communications
Bellanet International Secretariat
International Institute for Communication and Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Network for the Availability of Scientific
Publications and
Oneworld Network.

While there is an abundance of information on using ICTs on the Web, it is generally difficult "to locate high quality and appropriate information that is suited to the ways development organizations and civil society groups in the South learn about and use ICTs."

ItrainOnline does an excellent job in bringing together in an easy to use, readable and well designed online resource, "a selection of the best and most relevant computer and Internet training resources for development and social change."

Available training materials include manuals, tutorials, research papers, guidelines (e.g. Performance Evaluation Guide: Assessing Competency-Based Training In Agriculture, which I have designed and contributed under the guidance of Ronny Adhikarya).

Training materials are organized according to topics ranging from Internet and Email basics over Multimedia to Web programming and Databases. Additionally, ItrainOnline offers special sections with selected resources for trainers and women.

Users can register on the site and can post their own contributions, suggestions for resources, or calendar-related events.

ItrainOnline features also a glossary of ICT related terms and a calendar with information about upcoming training events.

Glossary (also available as a downloadable PDF file): english/glossary.shtml

Calendar index.cfm?op=ShowCalendar& calendar_id=14



Most of the ItrainOnline training materials are also accessible via the Training Materials section of ( is one of the six development and training organizations behind the ItrainOnline project.)

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