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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Frequently-visited Web Sites Free Browsing Tool

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Imagine that you have to evaluate information from several online news sources every day. Wouldn't it be comfortable if you could just put them in a queue and browse through them? Speed Browse lets you do just that.

Speed Browse is another useful tool developed by Michael Fagan (see also our reviews about Page Info Viewer - Comfortably retrieve information about your Web site from various sources through an integrative interface - and The Google Ultimate Interface - Access Google's tools, services and search options through an integrative Interface). In fact, Michael Fagan himself pointed me to his Speed Browse. He literally wrote in an email to me:

"Speed Browse is one of my personal favourite tools; I use it myself more than any other but few people seem to know about it. It allows you to record a list of the web pages you frequently visit (for me, several times a day), and browse through them by clicking a "next" button. While you're reading one page, the page you will read next is already loading, which makes it very efficient."

You can also select the page you want to view next from a drop down menu. A back-button is not available, but it would be desirable.

Privacy-wise, please note that everyone who accesses Speed Browse from the same computer on which you created your list will be able to view your list of sites.



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