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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Free Voice Chat Among PCs and Macs With New VoIP Tool

Haxial NetFone
// products/netfone/
= breakthrough tool
Software (Win & Mac)

A long awaited audio conferencing tool allows voice conferencing between Macs and PCs with effective results.

Haxial NetFone is an encrypted multi-user Internet telephone.
It is possible to talk with several people at the same time.
Protection and security are guaranteed by strong encryption.

This tool is quite small in terms of file size, only 546 KB, and it does not require any installation.

It comes in a .zip or .hqx file that after having been decompressed can be immediately put to use.

The interface is extremely simple and straightforward and sports five basic controls beyond Connect and Record buttons.

Some of these will appear to be useless to non-technical users, but access and due reading of the PDF manual accessible as part of the download will clarify and explain each one of the control features.

It is possible to fully record (at the level of quality preferred) any voice conversation carried out with this online voice conferencing tool.

NetFone also integrates a text chat functionality, an address book, and the ability to send sound files to others.

You can download a copy of NetFone for the PC at:



A Mac version compatible with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X is available at: NetFone-Mac.sit


Do you want to talk with crystal clear voice to anyone around the world with a PC connected to the Internet?

Readers' Comments    
2005-08-23 06:58:06


Can you suggest / offer an

1. audio chat on LAN

2. transmit audio (played from CD/mike/other source) from a a PC in LAN to other PCs


2005-01-05 12:27:39


well, in fact , i expected to find a simple program to allow voice chatting via a lan network, just thet, and i'll be pleased if you told me if you have such program..
thanks alot

2004-08-11 08:27:27


thank you

2004-07-05 22:53:07


Sorry, but what I expected was a network voice
chat demo.
If you can support me with a simple code that
transferrs sound on LAN, it may be a very big
With my respect ....

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