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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Free PC-Based Internet Telephone Tool

Speek Freely v.7.2
= interesting, promising
Open Source Software (Win & Unix)

Speak Freely is a real-time Internet-based telephone that works online or on any other TCP/IP network.

The program comes with encryption, an answering machine, and multi-conferencing features.

Now released under the GNU General Public License, Speak Freely was originally developed by John Walker, the founder of Autodesk, in 1991. The present release and the major upgrading to the audio quality component has been effectively carried out by Brian C. Wiles.

Speak Freely allows multiperson conference calls, without the need to use multicasting. A useful Answering Machine is integrated in the software and now it also supports a pre-recorded outgoing message so people will know when you are not available.

Speak Freely can interoperate with ICQ allowing users of this popular instant messaging tool to call each other into a Speak Freely-based voice session.

You can designate a bitmap file to be sent to users who connect so they can see who they're talking to. Speak Freely supports Internet RTP protocol, allowing it to communicate with other Internet voice programs which use that protocol; in addition, Speak Freely can also communicate with programs which support the VAT (Visual Audio Tool) protocol.

SpeakFreely is supported by a large community and by very good documentation accessible at:

A complete FAQ is available at:

Two Internet mailing lists devoted to Speak Freely are open to subscribers, one for general unmoderated discussion of all topics related to Speak Freely (also available as a periodic digest) and a moderated list reserved for announcements of general interest to the Speak Freely user community. More info is available at:



Also a non encrypting version is available for download on the site, due to US cryptography export controls.

You can download Speak Freely completely FREE at: (806 KB)

A Unix version is also available at:

Do you want to talk with crystal clear voice to anyone around the world with a PC connected to the Internet?

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2004-08-11 16:39:55


I need the software

2004-03-30 22:30:29


hi i wold like to use the phone plz

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