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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Create Multi-Lingual Multi-Use Term Catalogues And Dictionaries For Use Across Multiple Media

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Software Tool

Developed in Sweden, Termado lets you create searchable multilingual glossaries, lexicons, dictionaries and advanced term catalogues and publish them across different Media.
Termado consists of an "Administrator" and a "Publishing Engine".

The Termado Administrator is needed to create a term catalogue.
You can either manually enter terms and their definitions or import them from other sources (e.g. Excel, WORD, Web sites).

You can add hyperlinks to conceptually related terms or to FAQ (frequently asked questions) and you can specify in which languages Termado shall present terms, synonyms and definitions.

The XML-based Termado Publishing engine allows you to make your termbase available across different media through multiple language interfaces. You can offer your term catalogue as a Web Service allowing others to integrate Termado search functions or to re-publish your content on their sites.

Termado offers a lot more features and customization options than the ones I could introduce here. More information and additional resources, like tutorials, white papers and demos, are available on the Termado Web site.

For information about alternative solutions, see a) MasterMind, Issue 20 and b) Robin Good's article about SPIDER Multilingual Content Management:

a) Multilingual Terminology Management System

b) Multilanguage Content Management

To start working with Termado you can follow these steps:

Start with downloading the Termado Administrator. You use Termado Administrator to produce your term catalogue.

To publish your term catalogue on the web, you have two options:

a) If you have access to your own Web server you can download and install the Termado Publishing Engine.



b) If you donÂīt have access to your own web server you can instead contact Termado and they will give you a password so that you can upload your term catalogue to the Termado Web site. This provides you with a quick and easy way to publish your catalogue on the web.

To download the Termado Administrator go to: request=download_contents&request_id=1

To download the Termado Publishing Engine go to: request=download_contents&request_id=2

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