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Saturday, February 22, 2003

How can you speed up your Web site?

Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization
by Andrew B. King, published in January 2003
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We have already introduced several ways of finding out how long your Web site takes to load to you. If you can't remember, have a look at the following reviews:
a) How to Calculate and Speed-Up the Download Time of Your Web Site
b) Find out if you frustrate your Site visitors with long download times
c) What would happen if 300 users were accessing your company's Web site at the same time?

But what do you do if you have found out that your Web site loads too slowly? Andrew B. King has published a book that can provide you with answers to this question. According to the Websiteoptimization site, King's Book will teach you how to:

- Speed site load time to satisfy customers
- Engage users with fast response times and flow stimulus
- Understand how download delays affect user psychology
- Minimize HTML file size and complexity to maximize page display speed
- Master CSS conversion and shorthand
- Shrink and speed up your JavaScript
- Reduce graphic and multimedia drag
- Optimize Flash and PDF files
- Save up to 60% off your bandwidth bills with HTTP compression
- Perform search engine optimization



I haven't yet read the book myself but the ones that have read it are apparently very satisfied with King's advices. See, for example, the customer reviews at

If you want to start reading immediately you can access excerpts from two chapters of the book online:
Chapter 9: Optimizing JavaScript for Download Speed
Chapter 10: Optimizing JavaScript for Execution Speed

A complete table of contents with links to short summaries of individual chapters is also available online.

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