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Monday, February 17, 2003

Why you should write an e-Book and offer it to your users

7 Ways You Can Use E-Books to Build Your Business
by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
published on February 5, 2003
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Have you ever dreamt of becoming an author? Why don't you realize your dream now that it has become so easy for anyone to publish on the Internet? Maybe because you have more important things to do at the moment. Marketing your Web site, for example. However, writing a book (or a report) and promoting your Web site do not need to be counteracting activities.

In his article Dr. Ralph F. Wilson outlines how you can utilize your e-Book to promote yourself and your Web site. While some of his tips are rather trivial (use e-Books to gain credibility and money), he mentions three interesting ways how you can use e-Books to really provide additional value to your users.

How can you provide additional value to your users with your e-Book?

1.) You can show your visitors that you appreciate their support for your activities (e.g. in the form of subscribing to your newsletter) by offering them a free copy of your e-Book.

2.) You can provide your readers with a chunky, handy information source by compiling and re-editing related articles from different issues of your newsletter.

3.) You can address specific problems your users have when interacting with your Web site in your e-Book and help them to develop more effective strategies.



If you have already drafted your e-Book and are about to decide in which format to publish it, you should consider consulting the following two articles also available on WilsonWeb:

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