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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Where Are The News?

Mainstream news media outlets have all failed to dutifully report the very significant mobilization of tens of millions of people around the world in rallies against the Iraq war that has taken place yesterday and today Sunday February the 16th.

I have checked every single major newspaper, Italian and foreign, and outside small exceptions, not one reported among the top stories the large crowds rallying in all major cities around the world.

As here in Rome we have had close to 2 million people voicing their concern for the impending war, I remained appaled, independently of my likeness of this political manifestations, that such a unique and huge event does not get to be reported on the first pages of newspapers and is not mentioned among the top stories in TV reports.

For the first time I can see and perceive very clearly the censorship and willfull propaganda that is taking place. I must alert my fellow friends of this danger, because if information can be controlled to such a high degree, without anybody complaining, well, why would you ever want to buy the newspaper again or hear the TV news for that matter?

I asked myself: "Where can I get a balanced set of news reports?"

I immediately thought a search engine would be better than politically distorted news. Then I thought of the Google News page.

I said to myself: "That can't be tricked too much. Let me find out what it says".

And blam, there you go, the news item covering the world protests was there indeed. High up on World News stories and with 135 stories attached to it.



Why wasn't it then appearing on none of the major news media?

If you use your TV set to get your news. Trash it now.

It is time we all equip ourselves with a little trusted network of selected "friends" that can keep us informed on "what is really happening". For example, where can I find out what really happened during these two days around the world?
Newspapers, are as bad and mischevious as TV is. The veil is being laid softly and kindly, so that no one notices.

What are we swallowing everyday drinking lies and stories that keep us blinded from what is really taking place all around us.

It is not a political matter. It is not about being left or right. It is about being able to access true unfiltered information so that we can also be really free to choose what is best for us.

Sorry if it disturbed you reading me say this, but this time I really had to.

At least now you know where Robin stands.

Robin Good

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posted by Robin Good on Sunday, February 16 2003, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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