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Saturday, February 15, 2003

What would happen if 300 users were accessing your company's Web site at the same time?

EasyWebLoad v1.6
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Software Tool (Win)
Shareware ($250), FREE Trial

If you are planning to launch a Web site that probably will attract many visitors, you must test in advance what will happen during peak traffic hours in order to guarantee reliable performance and high quality.

EasyWebLoad allows you to find out how many simultaneous visitors your Web site can handle without causing trouble by simulating the behavior of virtual users. You can also test if visitors have to wait longer than 7 seconds for your Web pages to display. (If a Web Page takes 8 seconds or more to load you can loose more than 50% of your users). You can use EasyWebLoad to test single or multiple Web pages or your complete Web site.

I evaluated this tool with one asterix [*], because it might be of interest for only a limited part of Robin Good's reader group, i.e. for the ones that run rather large Web sites. However, for those readers EasyWebLoad can provide a really cost-effective solution to load, performance and stress testing; many competitive products are by far more expensive.



If you run a small Web site, which is not frequented by hundreds of users, and just want to find out how long your Web pages take to load, you can use simple, free online tools to calculate load and download times (see review of Jim Martindale's File Download Time Calculator) or even calculate them manually (see Robin Good's review How to Calculate and Speed-Up the Download Time of Your Web Site).

If you are interested in finding out how your Web site performs in different places around the world you should have a look at the article Test your website from anyplace in the world for free, which is also available on this site.

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