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Monday, February 10, 2003

Select appropriate online collaboration tools for your current project

Groove Shared Spaces Templates
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Downloadable Interface Templates (for Groove Workspace Version 2.5)

If a small project with a two weeks deadline is assigned to you, your work process is different from the one you follow in long-term projects. You keep documentation at a minimum, there are some tasks you leave out completely and there are others you handle in a completely different way. If you use an online collaboration platform to work with others on the project, some of the tools you use frequently in long-term projects are not relevant and just distract you. Probably you would prefer to see only those tools you really need at the moment.

Groove offers the following three templates to customize shared spaces within Groove Workspace according to specific project needs.

1) Document Edit and Review
This template offers a Welcome tool, a files tool and a discussion tool to particularly support sharing and editing of all sorts of files.

2) Short-term Projects
This template is intended to be used by teams that have to collaborate very efficiently in small projects and offers a Project Manager and a Calendar tool in addition to the tools of the Document Edit and Review Template.

3) Long-term Projects
This template provides also a Meeting tool that allows you to create agendas, invite participants, record meetings and track the outcome of meetings.



All you have to do to customize your shared space is to download the desired template.

I find the Groove templates really valuable and I hope there will be more of them in the future.

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