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Friday, February 7, 2003

Who Links to Who? Visual Exploration of the Google Database

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The TouchGraph GoogleBrowser is a tool for visually browsing the Google database, by exploring links between related sites.

The TouchGraph GoogleBrowser utilizes Google's database to report the links existing between a Web URL you indicate and other Web sites.

The results are displayed as a dynamic and navigable map of nodes and links. Each "node" is clearly labelled, and if you hover it with your mouse an information box displays detailed information about the specific Web site.

TouchGRaph GoogleBrowser provides indeed a unique opportunity to see and analyze information that would be otherwise completely "invisible" to us.

It's a fascinating way to see not only which Web sites links to yours, but also to discover unknown links with other Web sites that apparently seem to have no connection or relationship with yours.

To do this, enter a starting URL, then enter an additional URL to uncover other web pages that contain links to the first set of related URLs. By double clicking on any URL a query is sent to Google to feedback ten more relevant Web sites.

To learn more about the TouchGraph GoogleBrowser and its advanced browsing capabilities please go to: TGGB_FullInstructions.html

If you like me are fascinated by this technology, please be aware that the use of TouchGRaph visualization technology has been applied to several other interesting projects including:

1) The Amazon Browser. This application is very interesting and it allows the visualization of "also bought" items in the Amazon database for any particular product.

This implementation also facilitates the exploration of links between related items.

2) The PubMed Browser. In this application access is provided to the whole medical literature in the Medline database in a completely visual fashion. amazon.html



3) The Google Set Vista. A unique fascinating application that exposes the relationships between terms that Google uses to create conceptually related "sets" of words.

According to the source this works best when utilized with names of famous people or with concepts ending in "ism" (e.g.: socialism). space/google-set-vista/

A Must See.

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