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Friday, February 7, 2003

Web Text Content Summarizer and Keyword Analysis Tool

Digest Source v1.1.3
Software Tool (Win)
from USD $ 29

A direct competitor to Copernic Summarizer, this program takes entire Web pages or text files, looks for keywords (words most commonly used), and it creates a summary report utilizing the sections in which the specified keywords are most popular.

Summaries are displayed in easy to read format.

You can specify any keyword you want, or you can let it do its job by itself. The user can add specific "stop words" which should be skipped or not considered when creating specific summaries to the already existing "stop word" list available in Digest Source. (stop-words are for example articles as "the, a" etc. or fill-words such as "as well as" and others.)

Digest Source comes in two languages, German and English. It works ONLY with Internet Explorer, but it can be used as an independent and self-sufficient applications text can be easily cut and pasted directly into Digest Source from any source.

Here are Digest Software key features:

a) Digest-size (size of the summary) is adjustable (from 0 to 100%)

b) Creation of a summary according to the following options "sentences" or "% of document "

c) Integration of a Digest-Button in Internet-Explorer (allows for a quick access to a summary of websites)

d) Automatic recognition of the language of the document

e) Possibility to analyse multi-language documents

f) Stop-Word-Editor, to edit individual Stop-Words

An explanatory demo is accessible on the home page of this Web site. Since the link is a Javascript link you have to go to the page and click it manually at



Download a free 21-day trial of Digest Source at: download/digest_trial.exe (5.33 MB)

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2004-11-04 22:31:27


Here's another good content analysis tool:

In addition to extracting keywords and doing context-sensitive text summarization, it also does keyphrase extraction. And the best part is that it is free!

2003-11-17 12:54:31

keyword analysis

I think digestsoftware does a good work on keyword density analysis and keyword research.we can safely assume that the stopwords option also known as poison words is a good addition.

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