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Friday, February 7, 2003

Translate Individual Words on the Fly

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Internet Explorer (4.0+) Add-on/Online Service

If you have to find translations for single words very quickly in order to maintain your online communication or workflow, you can benefit quite a lot from using the Langtolang Internet Explorer addons.

12 addons are available for translations between English and Spanish/ Russian/ German/ Italian/ French/ Turkish. Once you have downloaded and installed the addons, you simply highlight the word you want to translate on a Web site, right-click and select the appropriate addon from the right-click menu. Within seconds the search window of your browser opens up and displays the translation of the highlighted word.

This is especially helpful for online communications between people that basically speak each others language, but sometimes do not know how to translate individual words. The addons can also make research on foreign Web sites more comfortable and efficient.

If you use the online dictionary that Langtolang offers on its homepage, you cannot only translate between English and one of the other six languages, but also among the other languages.

However, the service on the homepage is not as unique as the addon service.

In fact, you can find many similar services on the Web and some of them support much more languages and offer more informative results (e.g.

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