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Friday, February 7, 2003

Powerful and Speedy Search and Replace through Files and Folders

= interesting, promising
Software Tool (Win)
from EU € 29

Think of this program as your computers personal "Google".

PowerGrep allows to search WITHIN any type of files and folders on your PC for keywords.

You can limit your searches to certain types of files and even search within password protected ZIP files. PowerGrep can even open up the document and highlight the queried word.

Download a 14-day limited-functionality trial version of PowerGrep at: powergrep/SetupPowerGREPDemo.exe
(1.34 MB)
Full documentation is included.

N.B.: Certain functions of the software are not available in the free evaluation version. This includes the ability to actually make replacements in files on your computer. However, the function to preview those replacements is fully functional.



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