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Friday, February 7, 2003

Marketing 101 - Learn Basic Marketing Terminology Online

Marketing Terms
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Online Dictionary

Are you sometimes confused by the thousands of marketing acronyms and buzz-words thrown around in the real and virtual world? Sean O'Rourke's online dictionary of marketing terms empowers you to take a vital part in the discussion by not only providing you with very clear definitions, but also with means to start acting.

On the Marketing Terms Web site, you can either access term definitions by selecting a letter of the alphabet or a category (e.g. "content and community", "email marketing"). Besides short definitions and useful general information about the marketing keyword researched, Marketing Terms provides also a list of synonyms and related terms, links to relevant articles and to tools.

Unlike many other online dictionaries this one is not just an online-clone of a traditional offline-dictionary, but makes indeed use of the possibilities offered by the Internet, like linking to Web pages where you can immediately apply your new knowledge. The Marketing Terms Web site is very easy to understand and use. The only thing that is missing is a search box.




Readers' Comments    
2004-04-22 18:45:33

Terry Blackmane

I have recently been discussing advertising with a Direct Marketing company and they have fired this "standard million" distribution off to me. Can anyone explain what it means to me please? Because it is obvious that they don't even know!

2004-02-10 21:49:17

ed soltero

Would like to have access to basic marketing terminology for use in business development.

2004-01-31 13:43:37

Robin Good

As clearly listed up on top of this page the free dictionary of marketing terms is accessible for all of you at:

2004-01-31 13:22:54


I would like to get the free dictionary for marketing terms.

2004-01-15 06:40:07

Tariq Nadeem

Please provide me access to online dictionary of marketing.


Tariq Nadeem.

2004-01-08 16:01:58

Karen Bass


I would like to get the free dictionary for marketing terms. I am especially interested in direct marketing terms.


Karen Bass

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