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Friday, February 7, 2003

How to Provide Good Answers to Your Students Over the Web

EdQA - Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge Base Software edqainfo.asp
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If you are an academic institution looking to improve the quality of customer service provided to your students online EdQA is an hosted solution that provides a very cost-effective high-quality solution.

Based on the WebQA dynamic frequently asked questions engine and knowledge base software, EdQA allows students or customers in any sector to get faster and more precise answers online.

WebQA provides the ability to share knowledge using your Web site. This can include answering customer questions and sharing knowledge throughout your organization.

A system as WebQA/EdQA reduces customer support work and need for many dedicated human resources, reducing the stress load and the costs involved.

The system also helps prioritise the most frequent questions as well as the suggested answers. WebQA can even auto suggest answers before a customer or student starts submitting a manual request.

From a troubleshooting standpoint the system can also help immensely by simplifying the process of pinpointing repetitive problems or issues which maybe part of the release of a new Intranet, the availability of a new software, a new enterprise application or a newly designed web site.

WebQA can be fully integrated with the design of your web site and its management is completely browser-based. There is absolutely no hardware or software to install.

In summary WebQA allows organizations to:

· Instantly Answer and Track customers questions through your website

· Build a Knowledge Base of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and their answers

· Create an on-line Personal Relationship with new and existing customers

· Reduce Cost and Frequency of incoming phone calls and e-mails

WebQA is comprised of five main components:

Knowledgebase Manager
· Lets customers search FAQ's for instant answers
· Uses self-learning to build and reprioritise FAQ's

Question Manager
· Single service portal within site's "look and feel"
· Provides up-to-date information with 24 / 7 availability

Email Manager
· When answer not available, allows customer to send e-mail
· Automatically tries to answer e-mail using knowledgebase

Workflow Manager
· Prioritises and routes incoming emails
· Provides method for answering questions and publishing FAQs

Analytics Manager
· Provides reports on activity
· Offers metrics on hot areas / customer reactions

Single User $ 125.00 per Seat per month
5 or more Users Package $ 100.00 per Seat per month

A very effective and well designed tour is accessible at:



A very good set of online WebQA demos is accessible at: demolist.asp


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2004-08-27 19:31:27

Claudiu Dumitrescu

It seems to me like a good piece of software.
We provide this kind of services to our customers.

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