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Friday, February 7, 2003

How to Find, Identify and Mark Nearby Wireless Access Areas

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Stating that there are free forces at work trying to apply new ways of collaborating, socializing and working to a system that is showing the deep wrinkles of its age is a statement that seems to fall nowhere.

Knowing that wireless technology is a reality and recalling Eric walking by the pool with his PDA searching Google and downloading a videoclip seems also not to make jump anymore than any other new PC model announcement.

But becoming aware that an "informal" secret sign language directs and informs smart mobs and wired agents everywhere about free access areas to the Internet makes a whole lot of sense and it does raise some interesting questions.

Is it good?
Is it legal?
How should it be used?

Matt Jones, an information architect based in the United Kingdom is the designer of a visual sign language that allows individuals to signal to others if a certain area, building or locale has Wi-Fi or better known as wireless access (802.11 protocol), allowing the access to the Internet without a need to hook up to any physical connection - your computer permitting (you have to have your wireless add-on card installed in your laptop to make this possible. Most laptops will come with them pre- installed in coming months).

Warchalking is the practice of marking a series of symbols on sidewalks and walls to indicate nearby wireless access. That way, other computer users can pop open their laptops and connect to the Internet wirelessly. This practice was originally inspired by the practice of hobos during the Great Depression. At the time, hobos used chalk marks to indicate which homes were friendly.

If you wonder how legal this is you have spotted the hot spot of this technology. But there is a lot to say about this and not all is really that obvious. To find out more read on at: story/2002/9/22/223831/236

While Jennifer Granick, director of Stanford University's Center for Internet and Society, views unauthorized use of open wireless connections as moral and legal,
( morgue/2003/2003_01_01.wireless01.html)
consultants working for the Department of Homeland Security have announced that the Feds view open WiFi as a means of abetting terrorists, and say that they will compel the open wireless operators will have to close off their nets. wireless/0,1382,56742,00.html

See the warchalking symbols at: warchalking/card300.png warchalking/warchalking0_9.pdf

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