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Friday, February 7, 2003

Hide All of Your Desktop Icons in One Sweep

DeskSweeper freeware/
= must have
Software Tool (Win)

DeskSweeper is very useful for presenters who need to frequently put their PC desktop in view to entire waiting audiences. This handy utility allows to hide easily all of the desktop icons at the click of the mouse.



As I am engaged in providing several online presentations in which I show and share the contents of my PC, I have had indeed to find ways where I could easily clear up my whole desktop. In those cases I simply created a new folder in which I placed all of the existent desktop icons for the time that I needed a perfectly clean desktop.

DeskSweeper does a perfect job at this and it comes as a full freeware utility that sits at all times in your system tray.

Download a free copy of Desksweeper at: cgi-bin/redirect/cgirdir.exe? desksweeper (139 KB)

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2008-08-08 17:58:20

Hide Windows Free

This all in one boss key application can hide windows, mute sound, switch display mode, hide tray icons and more with a key or a mouse shortcut. Once the threat has passed it returns all to the state before hiding windows. A must have tool!

2008-05-22 17:06:00

Hide desktop

You can use this all in one bosskey application. A real gem that I found that supports windows vista and hides tray icons too.

Anti-Boss Key - All in one bosskey application. Hide windows quickly.[url]

2004-04-19 05:06:36


the program desk top sweeper does not want to install it self

2003-09-11 03:52:24


Thanks for my copy of desksweeper.
I have used either it or a similar program previously but i lost it when my computer crashed.
I am so happy that I found it on your site through a Google search.
Thanks very much

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