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Friday, February 7, 2003

Guide to Usability Assessment Methods for Interactive Systems

Handbook of User-Centred Design inuse/6.2/summary.htm
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Developed and published by NECTAR, this handbook on user-centred design is intended for those responsible for commissioning or carrying out usability work during the development of interactive systems. It provides a lot of useful information, references on different usability methods (20) as well as of the resources needed to put such methods into effective practice.

Special emphasis is placed on the need to develop software which is usable, i.e. effective, efficient and satisfying to use. It is suggested that the way to achieve these qualities is to adopt a user-centred approach to system design. Where appropriate the relationship between these user-centred design activities and the various types of method discussed later in the handbook is indicated.

For each usability evaluation method discussed the handbook provides information about its "deliverables",
"benefits" and

The handbook is made up of the following 5 chapters:

Chapter 1: A user-centred approach to design and assessment inuse/6.2/1-1.htm

Chapter 2: Introduction to usability methods inuse/6.2/2-1.htm

Chapter 3: Individual method descriptions inuse/6.2/3-1.htm

Chapter 4: Selecting an appropriate method inuse/6.2/4-1.htm

Chapter 5: Standards and guidelines in user-centred design inuse/6.2/5-1.htm

The handbook provides a wealth of information about usability engineering and testing methods with a lot of useful and practical information.

The NECTAR project is part of the Telematics Engineering Sector of the Telematics Applications Programme of the European Commission. Their Web site is accessible at: index.htm

NECTAR collects, stores, refines and disseminates information and results from projects concerned with ICT engineering research in the European Community's Telematics Applications Programme and especially in its Telematics Engineering Sector, publishing contributions from users as well as an international editorial board of experts. inuse/6.2/summary.htm

Hyeperlinked Table of Contents: inuse/6.2/contents.htm

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John & Deli

A free handbook is a nice thing, but does not work.


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