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Friday, February 7, 2003

Find Accurate Translations for Technical Terms

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EuroDicAutom is an online dictionary provided by the European Commission. It offers a database with specialized and technical terms in 48 subject fields (e.g. Telecommunications, Agriculture, Computer Science, etc.) and covers 12 European languages. You can search for the translation of a term, an abbreviation or a phraseology. Search results contain the term in the source language, its translations in different subject fields, references and, if available, also synonyms, definitions, explanatory notes, etc.

Although originally developed to meet the needs of in-house translators, Eurodicautom soon became useful to other Commission staff and was later adopted by linguists in other European institutions. Today it is an invaluable tool for translators, interpreters, terminologists and other linguists worldwide over the Internet.

A typical entry contains the term itself and its synonyms, together with definitions, explanatory notes, references, etc.
At present the term bank contains about five and a half million entries (terms and abbreviations), subdivided into more than 800 collections.

Users can define and store their profile (search parameters) for future sessions.

An online user guide with many screenshots is accessible at: eurodicautom/Controller? ACTION=guide

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