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Friday, February 7, 2003

Check Multiple Email Accounts Simultaneously

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Do you also waste a lot of your time by signing into and out off your diverse POP3-based email accounts every day? And are you as frustrated as me when you've finally found out that you have not received even one single interesting new email? Then you should download and install Poppy. It can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Poppy is a useful and highly efficient little tool that keeps an eye on your POP3-based email accounts. When you install Poppy, a closed envelope icon settles down in your systemtray and there it remains silently and unobtrusively until an email arrives in one of your inboxes. To alert you about the new message the icon discreetly transforms itself into an open envelope. If you want Poppy to be more flashy in is ability to signal you for incoming mail, the program can be setup to present a little popup window with the message headers or to play a sound.

All you do with Poppy, you do by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray. The menu that opens up allows you, for example, to:
a) add accounts
b) check your mails immediately
c) view the headers of your mails
d) define personal settings (e.g. specify a time interval for checking, select different announcement sounds for different accounts).

Poppy is particularly useful if your Internet connection is slow, because it lets you preview whole messages and delete individual messages directly, so that you do not have to access your real email account for those basic needs.

If your intention is not to simultaneously check multiple email accounts from one fixed place, but to check separately different email accounts while travelling from place to place around the world, you should have a look at Nicole's review of the email clients E-Mail Anywhere and Mail2Web here below.

To see some screenshots of this tool go to: Content/Poppy/PoppyScreenshots.htm



To download Poppy go to: Content/Poppy/Poppy.EXE
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Readers' Comments    
2004-07-01 16:55:26

Mark Evans

I have just come across Legmail ( that does the same thing, but from a web based interface. I can get at AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and Lycos as well as work emails. Any one else seen anything similar?

2004-02-23 22:51:09


Very intersting POPPY. I'll check this package and I'll send you my feedback.

Thank you.

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