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Friday, January 31, 2003

Access Google's tools, services and search options through an integrative Interface

The Google Ultimate Interface - Fagan Finder
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The Google Ultimate Interface allows you to immediately utilize all advanced search options for Google's diverse services (e.g. Web search, Image search, News search) and provides you with direct access to Google's tools (e.g. Glossary, Sets).

I was interested in news about "Experience Design". First I selected "Web" from the menu of services and tools that is available on the Ultimate Interface. I searched the Web for english PDF documents that had been updated within the last three months and contained the phrase "Experience Design" in the document text. I obtained 271 results compared to 21 300 without using the advanced search options. Then I went back to the Ultimate Interface, selected "News" from the menu to search the same phrase in Googles news sources and found two news items about "Experience Design". I also wanted to check the Usenet discussion forums. I went back to the Ultimate Interface again, selected "Groups", searched for articles published within the last three months and obtained 77 results.

I wanted to know if I could maybe re-phrase my query. So I selected "Glossary" from the menu and looked up the terms "experience" and "design" in Google's Glossary (

Finally, I wanted to look for news about "Experience Design" published in other languages. I selected "Translate" from the menu on the Ultimate Interface and translated "experience" and "design" to Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.



You can see that the Ultimate Interface is particularly useful, when you have complex information needs. By making available all services, tools and respective search options through one integrative interface, the Ultimate Interface enables you to maintain a coherent workflow.

Fagan Finder provides also an integrative interface for retrieving information about your Web site (see the review of Fagan Finder's Page Information Viewer)

If you are interested in learning more about new Google tools being developed in the Google Labs you should read the review about Google Viewer and Google Webquotes.

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