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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Quickly check your e-mail accounts from anywhere in the world

E-Mail Anywhere
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Online Services (web-based e-mail clients)

When I'm about to depart for holiday, I'm always completely stressed. One hour before I have to be at the airport, my suitcase is still half-packed, I have not eaten anything and I have to disinvite all my friends to whom I promised a relaxed good-bye coffee. When I've finally got on the last possible train that can take me to the airport in time, I remember that I have forgotton to configure my Web e-Mail account so that I can pick up e-mails from my POP3 and IMAP4 servers when I'm abroad... Fortunately there is a solution for this problem: free web based e-mail clients that let you access the inboxes of your POP3- and/or IMAP4-based accounts very easily from anywhere in the world.

I've made a list of what I require from a good e-mail client:
1) I want to see a clearly visible link to Privacy and Security information on the Home page.
2) I want to use the e-mail client without having to signup for this service before.
3) I want to enter my e-mail address and password and access my inbox; I do not want to specify my server.
4) I want to understand at first glance what my client allows me to do.
5) I want to send out e-mails from my client with my personal e-mail address.
6) Of course, I do not want to pay a cent for all this.

I've checked 25 e-mail clients, but only the following two fullfilled all of my requirements.
1. E-Mail Anywhere (supports POP3)
2. Mail2Web (supports POP3 and IMAP4)



Both clients have some additional nice features. I list the ones I like most below.

E-Mail Anywhere allows you to...
a) ... send e-mail to clients and coworkers without any attached advertising and tag footers on the messages (...) (from the Web site)
b) upload files (e.g. PowerPoint Presentations, fotos) to a briefcase
c) add and save bookmarks

Mail2Web allows you to...
a) select your preferred language out of 15 languages (e.g. Russian, Hebrew, Chinese)
b) apply SSL encryption
c) access your accounts from your mobile phone
d) customize your Mail2Web client and create your own URL to access it

Enjoy utilizing these e-mail clients, but don't forget to clear your Browser history and to empty your cache after you've used them in a public internet cafe.

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