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Monday, January 20, 2003

Comfortably retrieve information about your Web site from various sources through an integrative interface

Web Page Information Viewer (Page Info Viewer)
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The Web Page Information Viewer (Page Info Viewer) provides access to a variety of information about Web sites from different online sources through an integrative interface.

With Page Info Viewer you can, for example...
a) View basic site statistics (e.g. Number of unique visitors, Number of other sites that link to your site)
b) Translate a site
c) Search a site with different search engines
d) Monitor a site and get updated when content changes
e) Check a site for accessibility
f) Find out if a Web site offers a news blog
g) Search for similar sites



I wanted to view basic information about Robin Good's Web site. First I selected 7search and learned that 184 links are pointing to Robin Good's site. Then I chose SurfWax as an alternative information source and found key points of Robin Good’s site listed, among them “E-Learning, Interactive Learning Technologies, EdTech" and "Digital Imaging and Data Visualization.”

Since the retrieved information is displayed inside Page Info Viewer, the menu is permanently available and you can easily access different types of information and switch between different information sources that provide similar information.

You can share the information about your site with your users. All you have to do is to provide a link to Page Info Viewer (set to your page) on your Web site.

The Page Info Viewer has a good potential to become a really valuable tool in the future. At the moment there are, however, quite a lot of weak points. Some of the information categories do not convey a clear idea of the type of information that can be retrieved from the available sources (e.g. "Cache"); more meaningful titles should be provided. It would be useful to have an overview page with a short description of each information category and a comparison of the different sources available.

As Page Info Viewer aggregates information from external sources its usability depends on the usability of those sources and on their mutual comparability. This is actually a big problem. When I was looking for information about the traffic on Robin Good’s site, I got totally different traffic values from Alexa and 7search. I assumed that the values were calculated in a different way but none of the two sites offered me easily accessible information on this issue.

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