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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Blended Learning Models in Practice

Blended Learning Models
by Purinima Valiathan
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This article explains you in simple words what is meant by "Blended Learning" and introduces the following three blended learning models to you:

1) skill-driven learning, which combines self-paced learning with instructor or facilitator support to develop specific knowledge and skills (see also MasterMind Review "How to prepare Students for E-Learning Courses")

2) attitude-driven learning, which mixes various events and delivery media to develop specific behaviours

3) competency-driven learning, which blends performance support tools with knowledge management resources and mentoring to develop workplace competencies.



You won't take any risk reading this article since it provides you with valuable information in just a few minutes time. It might serve you as basic heuristic when you want to plan your own training course. Tables make it easy for you to identify which model/ mix of models fits with your specific course objectives and which training delivery methods are appropriate. Moreover, you can quickly get an idea of online and traditional communication and working techniques that help to ensure efficient learning in different phases of a course.

Additional value could be added to the article by providing more cross-links, for example to other articles where specific training delivery methods are explained.

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