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Monday, January 13, 2003

Find out if your computer can easily be attacked by hackers with a free online test - Free Online Analysis
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You can check if your computer or firewall is vulnerable to attacks of hackers by running a free online scan on the website of Sign up for a free-trial account and simply click a link to start a scan for more than 1200 vulnerabilities. Once the scan is completed a Vulnerability Assessment Report is sent to your e-Mail address.

The report is written in a clear and natural language, so that it is easy to understand even for people with little technical knowledge. The report is very well organized with a short description of the test procedure and summarizing graphics on top and detailed results in tabular form following. The possible consequences of identified vulnerabilities are explained and solutions are outlined.



The summarizing graphics could be made more self-explaining by choosing more meaningful titles and data labels. Whereas Fred Langa has reported that the test are "(...) somewhat slow to run, and the E-mail delivery of the scan results can take a very long time (measured in hours)", I did not encounter these problems. In fact, signing-up, running the test and getting the results took only about 10 minutes altogether. I warmly recommend you to try out this useful service yourself. is provided by ScannerX, LLC. They offer also more advanced and powerful commercial products at prices ranging from $25/month (small hosts) to $999/month (enterprises).

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