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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Learning the grammar of foreign languages online

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With WebVerbix you can conjugate verbs in 102 languages online. When you enter the infinitive of a verb, you are not only provided with its conjugation, but also with links to similarly conjugated verbs in the same language and to conjugations of equivalent words in other languages. Moreover, you can compare the basic vocabulary of related languages (e.g. Cape Verdian - Portuguese).

WebVerbix is a useful resource for anyone who deals with the grammar of foreign languages. The website is clearly structured and easy to use. Many cross-links ensure a fast and flexible navigation.



I have quite a passion for languages and grammar - so decide yourself if you trust me, when I say that it is fun to explore this site. With offering some background information on languages (e.g. origin, geographical distribution) and links to sound resources to listen to the spoken languages, WebVerbix has already started to become more than just a dry grammar site. It is desirable that this approach is extended, for example by adding links to country-sites or to online language courses.

Verbix is available with additional features as Windows Freeware or Shareware. (The Freeware and a free evaluation version of the Shareware can be downloaded from the website.)

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