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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Quickly create a free online survey for up to 30 participants
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Online Service
FREE Trial Account ($49 per month for a Premium Account, $99 per month for a Corporate Account) offers you a really useful free trial account to create, manage and host an online survey. You are provided with full access to all editing tools, you can add an unlimited number of questions and insert your own logo, you can view results in real-time online, open them in Word or Excel or download them as spreadsheet. The only difference to a real account is that the number of responses is limited to 30 (see a table with a comparison of features). gives the editor a little less control over the actual testing procedure than Surveymonkey does (see Surveymonkey review). For example, it is not possible to automatically require answers from participants during the test. Therefor offers more visualization options. is very easy to use, so that you can quickly create and deploy your surveys.

Anyone can sign up for a free trial of and use the account until 30 responses are reached. If you want to utilize online surveys frequently you have to sign up for a Premium or Corporate Account. The free trial should give you enough information to decide if offers any additional values for your own purposes compared to cheaper services like Surveymonkey.

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