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Friday, January 10, 2003

Find matching screen and paint colors

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EasyRGB is a web-based service that offers you four major tools:
1) Color Matching - Search paint colors that correspond to your screen colors
2) Search a Tint - Search specific colors in popular color collections
3) Color Harmonies - Search for harmonious color schemes
4) Color Calculator - Convert color values (e.g. RGB to CIEL*ab)

EasyRGB helps you to match screen colors and paint colors. You can search for a certain tint of a popular paint manufacturer and then calculate its RGB values or match it to similar tints from other manufacturers. Alternatively you can specify your RGB values and then look for matching paint colors in different manufacturer collections.



The "Color Harmonies" and the "Color Calculator" tools gain value in the interaction with the other two tools. As standalones they are not as flexible and easy to use as some other products on the market (see e.g. the review of ILU Color Illustrator).

EasyRGB is a useful tool for all people that want to publish material both in the "virtual" world and in the "real" world like, for example, architects and teachers.

Unfortunately it takes a while to figure out the value of EasyRGB since the homepage does not provide clear and easily visible information about the goals that can be achieved by using the tools. EasyRGB requires to enter color values (e.g. RGB values); ease of use could be significantly improved if those values could be computed online by visually mixing colors (e.g. with color sliders).

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