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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Open Your Documents For Review And Comments Online

Online service and Server Software
= breakthrough tool

You've authored a document and you'd like your peers to review it. Quick Doc Review gives you an instant private space for gathering comments on any HTML document (Microsoft Word documents too). Your group can comment on each paragraph, using QuickTopic's easy private forum and comments are all in one central place.

Much better than mailing documents around and consolidating feedback. And it's private, but still easy to access.

You can start your document review in about one minute. It's even easier for your readers -- they don't have to register or sign in.

QuickTopic provides you with a public Web page (of which only you know the URL initially) where you can post the document you want to be reviewed and commented. As users will add comments to your content paragraphs that have been commented will show up with a small

Only you will initially know about the location of your document. It's not available to anyone publicly, and it's up to you to notify your audience about it. Anyone that you notify about your private review space can comment on any item and see others' comments. When you're finished, you can save or print all the comments and delete the document and discussion if you like.

Right after you create a topic, you'll see an Invite link.
Click that, and QuickTopic will send you an email with the address of the topic. You can edit the content of the email as you like, or just forward it to your invited contacts.

You can also invite others later on, and they can catch up by viewing all the previous messages on the discussion web page.
That's one of the big advantages over email-based group discussions (that and the fact that everyone's inbox doesn't get flooded).




QuickTopic can be easily tried out online in a matter of seconds. It is extremely easy to use and it does not carry any advertising. After experimenting, you'll be able to easily delete your document and discussion.

Quick Doc Review is now available also for installation on your organization's server.

*How to use*

1) To Review and Comment a Word document with QuickTopic first save the document as an .htm or html file from within Microsoft Word.

2) Note the file's location at the top of the dialog box -- the folder on your computer where the new web page file will be stored, then click Save.

3) Close Microsoft Word and return to the Quick Topic Web site.
Click the Browse button, navigate through your computer's file folders to the Word file just saved in .html format and click Open.

4) Finally click the Upload Document button above.

5) You are ready now to invite your reviewers to this URL and start working on your document.

To freely USE now Quick Topic easy online document review capabilities please go to:

N.B.: Your document's size should be less than 1 MB

QuickTopic is completely FREE to use. A fee for co-branding and customization of the service is offered to those who request it.

QuickTopic is an absolutely brilliant and user-centered solution to the need of collaborating and sharing content online. QuickTopic is fast, simple and accessible from anywhere you are. If you have an idea or a proposal to review with your peers this is the online tool to use.

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very informal....

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