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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Immersive Video Gaming Anticipates Future EduPlaying

Immersive Video Gaming Anticipates Future Playing Styles
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Reality Fusion, a company that is developing a very interesting and highly promising web-based video conferencing software+service called TeamView, has also ventured into prototyping what seems to be a possible route immersive video gaming will take. Through the use of webcams and videocameras computer game users will be finally placed into the game for them to interact directly with game characters and tools.

As simple as it may seem to be trying this set of tools gave me a spinal thrill that is characteristic of breakthrough technologies and uniquely innovative solutions and ideas.

Next day I had the game tested and tried by a smart eight year old kid. The sudden scenery I would meet when entering my room was simply a picture out of the future. Ludovico was playing in the room, jumping and moving his hands as if truly playing volleyball with a set of invisible opponents. In front of him, only my big bed with my laptop sitting on it and facing him.

What was taking place was a revelatory glimpse of the future of gaming, where webcams and other video input devices will allow all of us to actually enter the game itself.

While this set of games is still very simple and primitive in design, it nonetheless offers an opportunity for electronic gaming which is truly interactive and which engages the player also on the physical level.

The applications for this type of technology are endless but some simple ones that come to mind include the learning of movement techniques according to visual references and models or while challenging a synthetic opponent.

Triple hats to Reality Fusion for allowing many of us to see what the future of gaming has in store for us. The set of games are completely free to download at:



See a mini video showing you the possibilities created by immersive video gaming at: products/GameCam/

Download a free video explaining what GameCam can do at: Products/GameCam/movies/gamecam.asx
(Requires Windows Media Player Version 7 or higher)

(* Requires Windows Media Player Version 7 or Higher)

Download free copies of this revealing simple video immersive gaming tools at: products/

Variety Pack request.asp?r=reg&p=4

VBall request.asp?r=reg&p=2

Highly Recommended. Must see.

A comprehensive review of RealityFusion TeamView is available, together with reviews of 17 competing products, inside Robin Good's Full Guide to SOHO Web Conferencing.

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