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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Free Multiplatform Digital Image Editor, Organizer and Sharing Tool

Kodak EasyShare 2.1
= must have
Software Tool (Win & Mac)

Kodak EasyShare is a free multiplatform (Win and Mac) software tool which allows anybody to easily organize, store, edit, print, email and share their photographs.

Kodak has developed and made available this software to support and strongly promote a set of 12 new digital cameras which are all characterized by their sharing abilities. All of these new cams, which you can see in detail at:

come with a Kodak dock, a small hardware device with a slick design that allows several useful functions including download of images, transfer to a computer and more.

EasyShare can be utilized with digital images that have not been taken with Kodak digital cameras but which have been saved in standard graphic file formats like .tif, .bmp and .jpg

EasyShare is an ideal photoediting and management solution for basic users of digital images who wish not to deal with software tools that require more than a five minute learning time.

A set of well integrated modules makes up the full EasyShare application allowing you to:

a) view all images you have on your personal computer through an effective image browsing module where all images can be viewed in several ways (thumbnails, full screen, slide show, etc.)

b) edit, modify, digital photos to enhance their quality through a dedicate image editing module which is simple, effective, well designed and very solid (reliable).

c) print by taking advantage of Kodak unique features available when using their cameras, printers and special papers.

d) order professional prints directly through the software by connecting to selected print providers in North America.

e) email photos with ease to friends and other contacts. The software integrates a simple Contacts Book tool and allows the user to select if the image should be optimized for email transmission (that is optimized in size to reduce its file size) or sent in the original size.

EasyShare can be immediately put to use with extreme ease.
Installation is straightforward after a restart of the computer you can start benefiting immediately from EasyShare facilities.

The image editing component of EasyShare provides 7+1 basic functions that are extremely easy to use even for first time users. These include:
1) Crop
2) Red eye
3) Enhance
4) Brightness and Contrast
5) Exposure
6) Fun effects
7) Rotate
and Zoom.



Some functionalities are particularly well designed, like the crop and the "fun effects". These last ones provide a high quality selection of effectively performing filters, which left me positively impressed. Undo is always available and edited images can be saved in .tif, .bmp or .jpg graphic file formats.

The interface is clean, simple well designed and absolutely stupid-proof.

Considering this is a completely and fully functional software a would give it very high grades and due to size of the company backing it up, would also highly recommend it to novice and beginner digital image editors who wish to obtain good results with the minimum efforts.

An exhaustive support area for this software tool is accessible at: products/ekn026079.jhtml#urm00070
Here you can find manuals, FAQ, Quick User Guide in PDF format and a lot more.

Kodak EasyShare also supports management and viewing of Quicktime .mov video and multimedia files.

The FREE software can also be ordered in a CD-ROM version for a nominal price of USD $ 4.95 (It includes both Mac and Win versions).

Download a completely FREE copy of Kodak EasyShare 2.1 (14.8 MB) for either Windows or MacOS X at: easyShare/software/softwareDownload.jhtml easyShare/software/softwareDownload.jhtml (original URL)

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2005-08-11 08:00:01

i would like kodak because they are the best in photography

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