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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Creating, Managing & Hosting Online Surveys

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basic subscription: FREE, professional subscription: $19.95/month

Surveymonkey is a tool that allows you to design and customize online surveys and to collect and analyze results in real-time.
You can utilize multiple choice, drop downs menus, open ended questions and many other types of questions. Once you have finalized the design, you can send a link to access your questionnaire via e-mail.

Soon after the first participant has completed the questionnaire you can start viewing test results in real-time, either summarized in tables and graphs or as detailed raw data.
You can also download the results for further statistical analysis (e.g. in EXCEL or SPSS file formats).

Surveymonkey is very easy to use and it allows for a flexible design of questionnaire content and structure; the visual design is a little bit more restricted. Surveymonkey offers you also support in organizational and administrative tasks of your online survey.

You can only fully experience the flexibility of Surveymonkey as a professional subscriber. For basic subscribers the questionnaire is limited to 10 questions and 100 responses and a lot of customization options are not available.

Customer support leaves something to be desired as e-mail requests for support that I put through during a recent professional user survey conducted with Surveymonkey went completely unanswered.

Although it would be nice to have some additional features, particularly the opportunity to dynamically change certain parts of a questionnaire during the design phase, offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio for professional subscribers and can be warmly recommended as a simple and effective tool for reliably .delivering online surveys

basic subscription (basic features): FREE
professional subscription (advanced features): $19.95/month
(plus $0.05 per response, if the number of responses exceeds 1000)

FREE TRIAL (basic features only):




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The best survey tool I found so far is

2005-08-30 07:31:01

Another great option to create online surveys is ZapSurvey, a powerful online service to quickly create and deploy surveys using just a web browser. Easy to use tools let you create, deploy, manage and analyze even the most complex surveys in just minutes. Free trial accounts are available at

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