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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Audio Search Software Enables Finding A Word In Any Recording At x100,000 Real-Time Speed

= breakthrough tool
Search Engine utility (Win), Online Service

Fast-Talk Communications is a company that makes possible for individuals and organizations to quickly and accurately search audio data.

Fast-Talk has created the world's first, fast and accurate, telephony/audio/video search engine. With Fast-Talk technology you can now monitor and/or search for any spoken word, without having to first convert audio to text. Not a speech-to text software, this tool falls under the category called "phonetic search engines".

One of the most incredible features of this innovative technology is that Fast-Talk is not restricted to a specific dictionary, voice, phrases, keywords, or dialect. With this technology you can now positively identify people's names, places, or even highly technical terms.

This applies to searching hundreds, or even thousands of hours of archived telephony, audio, or video. Fast-Talk claims also to have recently debuted the ability to monitor a list of 25,000 words or phrases in real-time.

Fast-Talk currently has the ability to search/monitor in both English and Spanish.

Fast-Talk's software claims up to 98 percent precision and the ability to search your digital assets 100,000 times faster than real time, or 30 hours in less than one second.

System Requirements:
PC with Microsoft NT 4.0 or Windows 95 or higher
500 MHz or faster Pentium-class processor
128 MB of RAM or greater
Sound card and speakers
Microphone (optional for live recording)
Microsoft Windows Media Player version 8.0 or higher installed (link below) windowsmedia/download/default.asp



A trial version of the software or a personalized online demo can be requested by accessing: contact_demo_form.asp

The Fast-Talk Evaluation Kit includes a fully searchable 11-minute travel video featuring New York City and can also be directly downloaded directly from: demo/InstallSearchDemo_2_0.exe (121 MB)

Apparently a more qualified and interactive demo is available to selected qualified participants.

N.B.: The Evaluation Kit will return "hits" even if you have chosen a word or phrase that does not exist in the audio. These "hits" on incorrect phrase matches are officially due to Fast-Talk Evaluation Kit having no minimum confidence level preset.
According to the company the SDK (Software development kit) can be fully configured to not return sub-optimum confidence scores.

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