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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Specialized Low-cost Translations Tools for Spanish and Italian

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from USD $ 19.95

Idiomax is an online resource for end users or as an economic solution to support translators and language specialists working with the Spanish and Italian languages.

Idiomax sells a family of translation products with a well rounded set of features and capabilities that sets them apart.

Ideomax Translator is for example a very easy-to-use wizard-based translation software which utilizes topic specific dictionaries to enhance the accuracy and quality of the content translated. Idiomax Translator is capable of reliably reading directly from a multitude of different word processing formats including Wordperfect, Wordstar, Excel, and Works file formats.

The HTML/Web import feature is yet not reliable as I was not able to translate any web page from my site as the translating engine would easily stumble on Javascript code blocks or other commented sections.

Each product offered by Idiomax is specialized in one specific translation task such as translating Internet web pages, e-mails or Office documents.

Idiomax products are moderately proced with prices ranging from USD $ 19.95 (Idiomax Web Translator, Idiomax Translation Assistant, Idiomax Dictionary) to USD $ 79.95 (Idiomax Translation Suite).

The languages supported by Idiomax products are English, Spanish and Italian.

The user interface of some of these tools can be customized to work in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian.



For each product there is an available free download to test the software out.

Idiomax Translation Suite

Idiomax Office Tranlsator

Idiomax Translator

Idiomax Dictionary

Idiomax Web Translator

Idiomax Translation Assistant

Intelligently, the Idiomax web site offers access to simple and visually designed tutorials for each one of its tools, greatly facilitating end user task in learning and putting these applications to work.

I personally found the Web Translator to be somewhat slow on my test pages and terribly true to the original content meaning.
While this is a low-cost tool end-user of would-be customers of such technologies maybe led to think that once purchased these products actually provide effective translations of any passage. This is not so and should be well clarified. In this light I would not yet recommend this product an would suggest that you take advantage of Idiomax smart free trial option, that allows you to download and test for yourself this tools, before you make your final decision.

Unfortunately and to Idiomax own credibility detriment (these details tell a long story about the level of detail put into reviewing, and heaps about the sophistication of testing that went into this product) Idiomax displays a misspelled "Transtating" message (instead of "translating") during processing of web pages which all but puts the end user in a safe-feeling seat.

Note of caution:
I do not personally find these products ready for prime-time professional translations. They can all be used to facilitate, simplify or reduce the translation work to be done under unique circumstances, but not for professional and error free translations.


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2004-10-12 20:44:24


I agree with you. Some time ago I tried using such services and I was really disappointed. I don't think there can be a program that can replace a person. It's impossible to programm all the hidden hints or all the possible collocations... If anybody can prove another think, I'll be more than interested to discuss it on our forum.
Regards, Mary

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