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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Online Multilingual Translating Dictionary

Majstro - A multilingual translating dictionary
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If you are familiar with Travlang's translating dictionaries, here is a new on-line multilingual translation dictionary called "Majstro" ( that is based on the same Ergane database (though some of the wordlists are more recent versions).

Unlike the Travlang dictionaries this new dictionary allows translation between every supported language and every other supported language (e.g. Icelandic <--> Zulu). Furthermore languages that are not supported by Travlang because of character set problems (e.g. Greek and Russian) or because of wordlists containing less than 2,000 words, are supported by Majstro.

There are also a few additional features not found in the Travlang dictionaries:

1) Majstro displays the type of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) that the translated words belong to.

2) Alternative and/or incorrect spellings like color/colour, receive/recieve are often correctly interpreted.

3) Three virtual keyboard windows (Latin, Greek & Cyrillic) can be used for entering characters that are difficult (or impossible) to type with a user's own keyboard.

For a list of languages in Majstro database and a reference to the number of words available in each is available at: frames.php?gebrTaal=eng

Useful and handy, a promising tool.



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