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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Nine New Screen-Shaking Online Advertising Technologies

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There is a whole new breed of on-line advertisements that are ripe for prime time, if one could say so. As a matter of fact, I as many others, steer away from ad-rich sites and from those displaying too aggresively their commercial nature.

I have always preferred interaction and direct communication with my selected suppliers and seek companies that are open, transparent, frank. I avoid those that need to boast, hype and interrupt my focus to attract my attention to their offering.

But indeed these new online ads utilize such new and interesting approaches that I must pay attention, at minimum for my own interest in interface and interaction design.

I must say that I am impressed. I did not believe what I saw, and you can prepare yourself for some visual surprises as well.

Having audio speakers "on" helps most of these ads as they all rely in one way or another on good use of sound and music.

These treats come also at a price. Most of them command some good Internet connection, and will have you wait impatiently if you are on 28.8 or in a remote location with little bandwidth available.

If you have a good connection to the Web then do not hesitate in giving a look to what Web technology can do today.

Here are nine new impressive and innovative online ad technologies that are being used on the Web today. Update yourself and look at what is possible before saying you are not interested:



1) article.php/1479401

2) demo/monsters/

3) new_archive/March_02/Dont_Let _Hunger/Dont_Let_Hunger.htm



6) new_archive/april_02/Cadillac/Cadillac.htm

7) demo/puffs1/

8) campaigns/Wipe_Out_Rental_Costs/ Wipe_Out_Rental_Costs.htm


Though I personally scouted and tested the shortlist of impressive online ads printed above, much of my initial information on this topic comes from an interesting article published by ClickZ and entitled "Shoshkele: What Is It, and What Can It Do for You?". The writer, Tessa Wegert, did a nice and well referenced introduction for me to this world of new online ads. Find the original article, dated October 10, 2002 at: article.php/1479401

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