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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Inexpensive Slide Scanning With Traditional Flatbed Scanners

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This is an extremely useful article by Don Maxwell on how it is indeed possible to scan 35mm slides on a traditional flatbed scanner. This is a useful tip for all of you that have limited budgets, work in remote areas, or are stuck with old and unupdated equipment.

For appropriate scanning of photographic transparencies or slides a flatbed scanner needs to utilize a special adapter (generally called Transparent Media Adapter) that provides an extra lamp to illuminate the transparent material from above.

Alternatively a dedicated slide scanner is the optimal solution providing specialized technology and circuitry for small size high resolution scanning, as it is required especially in the scanning of 35mm slides.

By using this ingenious approach it is possible to save time and money and add new unseen before capabilities to your old time scanner.

While one should not expect professional results, the final output can and has been used (like the author shows) in publishing photographic images on the Web with acceptable results.

With this approach you do not need to buy a traditionally optional device (often expensive) that allows scanning of transparent materials on a normal flatbed.

It is to be noted that normally consumer and in particular inexpensive flatbed scanners do not have sufficient dynamic range for capturing slides effectively. It is also true that the method described by Don Maxwell in this interesting article may provide the means to obtain electronic images into computer systems that would not be possible to acquire at all without the proper equipment.

Read the full article and learn about this interesting technique at: scanning/Backlighter.html



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