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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

How To Find Consumer Opinions And Reports

Freedom of Choice - Where to Find Useful Consumer Reports
by Luigi Canali De Rossi

Here is a brief list of reference web sites that can provide you with useful information before deciding to buy a specific product or brand.

Through the use of customer reviews, electronic opinions and the gradual development of rating referrals the marketplace for providing information that enables the consumer to make better and more qualified choices is becoming more and more interesting.

This site provides a collection of best reviews and evaluations from experts about most credible reports to trust.

Reviews by actual customers organized into communities. It specializes on electronics and sporting goods.

Consumer Reports
Online version of renowned magazine. Features e-Ratings which are based on systematic evaluation of selected products and brands. Information is accessible only to paying subscribers.
(USD $ 24 for a yearly subscription or $ 4.95 for a one-time access pass).

The original pioneering site providing facilities for consumers to rate and evaluate pre-selected products. Epionions allows users to rate reviewers and their credibility allowing some natural form of automatic self-checking.
Independent company allows consumers to rate e-businesses for reliability, privacy and customer satisfaction.

Provides ratings of different companies based on feedback received by actual consumers through the Planetfeedback letter-writing utility. To appear inside the Ratings section, a company must have received a minimum of 50 letters from PlanetFeedback users over the last nine months. Ratings are updated daily.



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