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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Free, Easy-To-Use Image Editor With Advanced Functions

VisageSoft Image Editor 1.0 get.php/easypdf.exe
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Image Editor 1.0 is a little new, unknown and very-hard-to-find freeware jewel from VisageSoft that provides extended basic image editing capabilities, in a small, easy to use and simple software application.

Upon a first look I would have never thought Image Editor could do all that it can. Just as a starter let me tell you that this software can save in an extensive number of formats, including JPG, PNG and GIF (and more than other 10 graphic file formats), while providing detailed and previewable optimization facilities for saving images in each of those formats.

Saving facilities offer sophisticated export options for most formats supported including selection of transparency color for GIF files, or level of compression for BMP, JPG or TIF files.

Image Editor has capable selection tools including a very basic magic wand a-la-Photoshop (this selection tool allows you to select a part of an image on the basis of its color), as well as freehand and shaped selection tools.

Image Editor 1.0 can work with multiple document windows OPEN at the same time (and that is not little for a free image editor), and has a very effectively designed set of color adjustment tools. In one control panel controls for brightness and contrast, RGB, HSL, HSV, FFT image equalization controls with a full original/preview window available.

Image effects are also available and once again they are well organized into one unique multi-tabbed control panel. Each effect is fully customizable allowing for extreme flexibility in their applications.



The zoom control provides next to a traditional percentage-based control a simple slider that allows impressive dynamic real time zooming of your image.

Options to crop, resize or resample the image are also available allowing full support for most pre-production needs of a digital image editor.

Last but not least Image Editor offers a basic merge function to mesh two or more images together, and a full screen capture utility.

Download a free version of Image Editor 1.0, by getting a trial version of EasyPDF at: get.php/easypdf.exe

Highly recommended.

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2004-12-13 12:30:15

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2004-05-11 04:53:12


No longer available. :(

2003-10-12 08:19:13

K P Tunga

I want to try this

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