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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Camouflage Web Browser For Total Screen Privacy

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A fully functional open-source web browser, based on the Mozilla browsing engine, Ghostzilla makes web surfing as transparent and unobtrusive as possible today.

If you wish to navigate surf pages without being noticed or being caught by other who maybe watching over your shoulders this nifty browser has the facilities that you need to go completely unnoticed.

Through a unique technical solution Ghostzilla is able to embed your web browsing experience within the "frame" of any standard application you have open. So while it may look you are browsing a Word document you are in fact navigating a full web page that is rendered inside the application you are using.

Furthermore Ghostzilla changes the color Web pages in black and white and hides all of the images present in any Web page. To view them one only needs to hover the mouse on the area where the image ALT tag and empty box appear.

Since Ghostzilla can be activated via a secret mouse movement and it can be also instantly hidden when your mouse is moved over other items on your screen it is extremely easy to hide it and display it at will.

To see an animated screenshot of what Ghostzilla can do for you, go to: animation.html

Download a free copy of Ghostzilla 1.0 at: ghostzilla-1.0-install.exe (9.27 MB)




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