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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

All About Google And More

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This is a rich and interesting resource about all things Google. While the site has disputable links appearing on its home page and on a floating menu, there are no ads, and things are organized in several categories.

Indeed most of the site serves as a series of links to Google's own internal information, but I must say there were pages and info that I had never seen on Google myself.

Quite interesting are the links provided under the section labeled Googlemania where you can find access to rare and unique tools that monitor Google staged indexing process and publication of web sites across in their public index, a famous process among search engine marketers and known as Google dance.

See for example the Google Dance Machine:

or the Google Dance Check tool at:

These online tools will search for any specific URL you specify and they will promptly tell you if Google has indexed that page or not, though you may not yet be able to access it through Google main public search facilities.

Extremely interesting also the sections on Google PageRank, in which you find links to all published articles on the topic, and the section devoted to Google Adwords online marketing program, which provides advice and best tips to use this highly effective service in the best way.



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