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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Small Box for Fast Searches

GoBox 2.0
= interesting, promising
Search Engine utility (Win)

This handy small application allows users to make searches utilizing one among the major online search engines with a truly simple and elegant small box-like interface.

A minimalist approach and a sense for what people need the most make this a truly welcome new search utility to add to your information explorer ammunition bag.

Easy to use and to install, it is only a 32 KB download.

GoBox is indeed a small box, though not a square one. I have measured it in fact and it is only 200 (w) by 150 (h) pixels.
You can place it on any part of the screen and it can access through your choice Google, AOL Search, Yahoo (you can set a default one by clicking on Preferences). It is possible to search across multiple search "targets" by Ctrl-clicking them in the selection list.

The last eight searches are saved in a drop down menu integrated in the search field.

Among other features GoBox offers also the ability to:

1) Search for phone numbers
2) Search for news
3) Go to a specific URL
4) Maps -Instant access to detailed maps
5) Call up your email app with the subject set
6) Search eBay
7) Spell Check -Spell check directly from your desktop
8) MSN eShop - Search online shopping

Other features really benefit only the US and Canadian citizens only by providing them with:

a) Home Phones -Easily find any home phone number
b) Business Phones - Easily find any business phone
c) Movie Listings - To view local screening times, reviews
d) Stock Quotes - To access timely quotes for selected stocks
e) Weather information and temperature based on your ZIP code

To survive GoBox uses a minimalist text space in its interface lower section to display dynamic promotional messages that can be clicked directly.

Download GoBox FREE at: (32 kb)



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