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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Remote Shutdown with Scheduling Facility

Remote Shutdown RemoteShutdown/
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Software Utility (Win)

Remote Shutdown by Jon Roch-Berry is even more reliable.
PadRING and also from

You can specify a delay, which can either be an absolute time (eg. 8pm) or a relative time (eg. "20 minutes from now"), during which a message you specify can be displayed.
Alternatively it is possible to specify a shutdown without warning.

A powerful feature allows you to choose whether applications running on the target machine(s) at the time of shutdown should be allowed to be properly closed, or if they are going to be terminated immediately.

During a delayed remote shutdown, it is possible to abort any of the planned shutdowns yet to take place and accessible through a shutdown list.

Options can be set via both a GUI and a command-line interface.
Groups of workstations can be specified in the GUI and saved* for use later with either interface, allowing repetitive automated shutdowns to be performed.

For more details on RemoteShutdown, please visit our sister site at RemoteShutdown/

Download a free copy at: RemoteShutdown/download.htm (245 KB)

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