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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Professional Search Assistant Organizes, Filters and Tracks

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Copernic Agent is the last interesting product within a family of quality search utilities that Copernic has developed in the last few years.

I must say that Copernic has worked hard to create a truly professional search tool that is presently unmatched for features and ease of use by any other search utility on the market. (If I am wrong, please let me know).

I have had a preview copy of the PRO version of this software since over two months and I have been positively impressed with its capabilities. Copernic Agent is effectively the most recent upgrade (version 6) to Copernic 2001. As a matter of fact Copernic 2001 users are entitled to upgrade to Copernic Agent for free.
( support/upgrade/index.html)

Copernic Agent key strengths lay in the ability to search across large number of online resources, directories and search engines. It makes easy the work of saving searches and refining them.

I find this an indispensable tool for anybody doing serious research and needing to collect and monitor key information on specific topics.

The interface is well designed and it is quite easy to navigate.

Copernic Agent integrates itself with your browser offering a special toolbar to perform searches without needing to call up the main Agent application.



Through its "Track" feature Copernic Agent can also reliably monitor specific sites and keywords on a systematic basis and report to you the results and changes it finds.

Integrated in this powerful search application are also Copernic Summarizer, a clever utility that is able to create short summaries of content found on selected pages. The user can specify the length of the summary to be created in different increments (100, 250 words).

Found pages can be saved, grouped, analyzed and commented within the application.

You can also track any search you have performed through:

1) a History page in which you can see all of the searches you have performed, the date and the number of results you have obtained for them.

2) or by dynamically monitoring if new results show up for your query multiple times a day, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Updates and reports are sent directly to your specified email.

Copernic Agent can also act as a webmaster support tool as it can check for links integrity and file sizes of all the pages found.

If you are serious about the research you conduct and want to get beyond what Google can offer, this is the tool to utilize.

Copernic Agent is available in three different versions:
Basic, Personal and Pro.

The Personal and Pro versions extend all of the standard features available in the Basic edition. More search engines to look up, more search results.

The Pro version sports unique features including the Search Analysis, Results Filtering, Results Grouping, Task Automation and Search Tracking. Integration with other applications is available only in the Personal and Pro versions, as well as a query spell checker, the possibility of annotating search and obviously no advertising banners. results,

Price for the Pro version is USD $ 79.95 now on sale at $ 59.99
The Personal edition lists for USD $ 29.95.

The two applications are also offered at a substantial discounted price (30% off) to students and faculty (Personal $ 20,97 and Pro $ 55.97) that can show sufficient proof, by showing that you are a student or member of the teaching staff of a recognized educational institution.

See a Copernic Agent product tour at: products/agent/tour.html

Get a Copernic Agent product overview at: products/agent/professional.html

See the official Copernic Agent specification sheet at: products/agent/specs.html

Download Copernic Agent Basic free at: products/agent/download.html

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