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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Online Library Of Business Book Summaries

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getAbstract is a very interesting service, which provides access to well written book abstracts at a subscription cost.

The key advantage of using abstracts is the ability to save a great deal of time while being able to nonetheless capture the key ideas and concepts presented in a book. This proves particularly valuable to trainers, educators, managers and other officers charged with the responsibility of acquiring large quantities of information. It is also very useful for those who need to evaluate and select appropriate readings for a team, class or other group.

Abstracts are 5-page summaries of some of the best business books presently available. Abstracts made available through this service are accessible through a set of predefined categories (more than 80 of them) called "knowledge channels" and accessible directly from the home page.

Abstracts are available both in Adobe PDF and Palm file formats.
The e-mail delivery is immediate.

To see what an abstract contains you can download two of free abstracts at: FreeAbstracts.jsp;jsessionid=agNMAPSBgSyb

Of all the benefits touted on the site there is one that I certainly identify with: Save Time. Why spend 10 hours reading a single book when you can learn just as much by reading an Abstract in 10 minutes?

A KnowledgePass to getAbstracts costs
USD $159 for 6 months or
USD $299 for 12 months.

getAbstract Ltd. is a privately-owned company based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Useful and high quality. A true time saver.



Readers' Comments    
2005-04-20 19:13:07

Jay Timball

I also found another business book summary site at

Probably not as many book summaries as GetAbstract but appealing to those:

1. who need other formats like audio and Powerpoint

2. who want more "more meat" with 8 pages or more.

They also have a one-month trial program.

There are other sites like, and - all business-oriented ones.

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