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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Microsoft Own NT Remote Shutdown Utility

Windows NT Resource Kit
= worth knowing
Software Utility (Win)

The Windows NT Resource Kit comes with two interesting utilities called SHUTCMD.EXE and SHUTGUI.EXE which you can find inside the \i386\netadmin directory.

The small utility called "SHUTCMD.EXE" that is included in the Windows NT Resource Kit can be reliably used to fully shutdown or reboot a local or remote PC.

The command to shutdown the local PC would be:
to be issued at the DOS command prompt.

To shutdown a computer on your LAN or local area network (e.g.: "GERBERA" being the name of the computer you want to shutdown):

The most fun comes when you want to utilize this utility to shutdown a remote computer connected to the Internet. Assuming "" to be the IP address of the PC you want to shutdown remotely, you would need to issue the following command:

N.B.: You must first logon to the computer that you're trying to reboot.

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2004-02-14 07:35:21

waqar ahmed

IT is good software

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