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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Digital Intercom for your Office LAN

Office Intercom
= worth knowing
Software Tool (Win)
30-day free trial - Full License starting at USD $9

Produced by NCH Swiftsound, Office Intercom is a useful little tool that can be utilized to talk freely to other colleagues and staff that are connected to PCs inside your office/organization or even over the Internet as if you were using a traditional intercom system.

The software application is very small and simple to use and install. You have to share the folder in which it resides on each of the PCs you want to connect on your office network.
The application sports only two basic functions. One is to turn on/off the program and the other is to select who to call.
Identities are related to email addresses though it is not critical if you use a bogus email to refer to a colleague. When you start Office Intercom you show up to other users with the email that you have selected to have. The program keeps also a useful list of favourite contacts that you have dialed into.

Office Intercom produces some reply tones depending if the user is online, has the software running or has an old or expired version of it through visual alerts.

For security or privacy, OfficeIntercom can also encrypt the voice with private key strong encryption.



While I have had no trouble utilizing Office Intercom over my LAN I encountered difficulties in having both parties being able to talk when connected over the Internet. Not a stupid-proof setup.

The quality of the audio is good though that will vary according to many variables including your PC setup, audio board and microphone.

A professional user license is USD $14 (discounted)
A home user license is USD $9.

Download a 30-day free evaluation copy of this tool at: (320 KB)

Do you want to talk with crystal clear voice to anyone around the world with a PC connected to the Internet?

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