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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Desktop Multilanguage Dictionary and Learning Tool

Pop-up Dictionary
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Free to try - Full USD $ 19.95

Pop-Up Dictionary is an award-winning program that can help you to translate and memorize chosen words of many foreign languages. Just add your words, set the time, and the program will be asking you the translations of chosen words from the dictionary.

Pop-Up Dictionary can help you in translating text from virtually any language. Just select an unknown word in your text, press Ctrl+Ins+Ins and you will see the translation, press Ins and in this case the word item gets marked for further analysis or study.

Pop-Up Dictionary is also an interesting self-learning utility that can be set to test-yourself and your growing vocabulary in other languages. Times can be set when this tool will prompt you for a translation into another language based on your preferences.

The program also features a gaming approach to learn words through a new words slideshow.

It is also possible to create custom vocabularies and dictionaries.

Pop-Up Dictionary supports language encoding for many languages, including Western European ones, Hebrew, Arabic and more.

You can download additional dictionaries from the site of the program. There are approximately 60 additional dictionaries for 27 languages!



Among Pop-Up Dictionary unique features is the ability to create a unique system of hyperlinks you can use to make audio/video links to any word.

The program interface can be set in either English, Russian, German, French or Hebrew.

Pop-Up Dictionary offers a unique blend of translation support and language learning utility. Ideal for any language training class. Particularly intelligent is Pop-Up Dictionary multiple approach to facilitate vocabulary learning in other labìnguages, by way of memory training methods that include motor, auditory and visual approaches.

Full version of Pop-Up Dictionary costs USD $19.95 and it allows to use all of the functions of the program: edit and create vocabularies and dictionaries, copy words to your own vocabularies, use the pop-up dictionary mode (Ctrl+Ins+Ins) and Advanced Search.

To see some screenshots of Pop-Up Dictionary go to:

To access and see all dictionaries available:

N.B.: In order to run Pop-Up Dictionary under Windows® 95/NT4, you may need to install the following update by Microsoft:
COMCTL32 Update available at: ieplatform/ie/comctrlx86.asp details.aspx?FamilyID=84366ea3 -d1f5-4456-9df8-3389ac24bb8b& DisplayLang=en

You can download a 21-day free evaluation copy at: (5.5 MB)

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